Prints & Posters

To make sure that the colors of our prints are precisely like... 

High Quality Prints

We like our prints to look good and were not happy with the results of third parties. That's why we decided to print the prints that we sell at home. To ensure the best quality and colors we use a professional printer that uses pigment inks and use high quality archival matte paper (189 g/m²).

  • Know Your Cubes poster!

    It's our famous cube poster that we made for our weekly comic! All the cubes shown on this poster are from board games, do you recognize them all?

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  • Comic print

    Order any one of our comics as a print for on your wall!

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Shirts and maybe other things. 


We've partnered up with on-demand printing company Gelato so that your apparel gets printed in a place near you! This means quicker production time and the printed clothing won't need to travel all across the world to reach your doorstep which is better for your wallet and for the environment!

  • Icosahedron discovery

    We've traveled through space and time and finally found an icosahedron shape that would not betray us!

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  • Retrofunk

    This retro design is subtly branded and also adds a nice splash of color to your wardrobe!

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  • Retrofunk WITH CATS

    This is exactly the same shirt as the other Retrofunk design, but with both of our CATS on the the sleeves!

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